The ideal environment for learning is one where young people feel safe, happy and emotionally at ease. Negative thoughts and feelings can greatly impact focus and inhibit participation in their own learning experience. Sometimes unwanted emotions can occur seemingly for no apparent reason whereas on other occasions the explanation may be general anxiety, an upset in family circumstances or maybe even bullying. See below for some examples of the workshops we run.

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Communication Skills:
The NLP Communication model – Understand the link between thinking, the words used to communicate and the response received.
Matching & mirroring – How words, physiology and tonality can build and break rapport
Positive & negative words – Those words that empower and those to avoid
Another perspective – Looking at a problem from a different point of view
Confidence Building:
Choose your attitude – YOU decide whether you will have a good or bad day
Presenting perfectly – Positively confident
Self belief – Be the super star that you really are
Anchoring – Instantly tap into that great feeling of confidence, from a time remembered
Bin that bad language! – Design and create your own statements for ultimate motivation
Chop & Change – Learn how to choose positive emotions and easily remove problems
Come to your senses – Understand what motivates you to learn from the things you do, hear or say
Anchoring – Access a super state really fast!
Study Stress:
Goal Setting – Whatever you want to achieve – make it SMART!
Believe in yourself – Success is more readily achievable if you do
Master your memory – Expand your ability to remember
Sit back & relax – Leave stress at the door and you will achieve so very much more

These workshops are the difference that makes the difference! Just by coming along children make new friends and find that there are others who are like them, who struggle with the very same thing that they do – they learn that they are not alone!  Book a place for your child TODAY because our workshops:  

  • Make learning fun
  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Encourages adaptable and flexible behaviour
  • Delivers simple and effective practical exercises
  • Empowers children to make informed confident choices
  • Provides a motivating and inspiring learning environment
  • For children aged 7+ years (1-2-1 basis for younger children)
  • Held on weekends, school holidays or within a school setting
  • Amazing tools and techniques that can used forever and a day!

In keeping with professional standards: I am fully insured and have an enhanced DBS Certificate, I am Safeguarding trained and am a qualified paediatric First Aider with additional training in Rescuscitation.   I am fully committed to maintaining and updating my skills through Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

 quote-open My attitude will be different now by me making different choices     (aged 8 years)

                                   The most important thing I learned was to be myself     (aged 9 years)

                                                                                         I will use the new skills I learned everywhere     (aged 10 year)

                                                                                                                                  Anchoring was the most useful thing that I learned today   (aged 9 years)

                                                                                                                                                                               I now believe that I can speak more confidently       (aged 9 years)      quote-close