NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was co-founded by Richard Bandler who Mastered in IT & Mathematics and John Grinder who was a Professor of Linguistics. In a nutshell, NLP is a ‘model’ of excellence and achievement based upon observation of highly successful individuals – for example, psychotherapists like Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton H Erickson who were excellent communicators and who achieved some extraordinary results for their clients.

NLP is about the nuts and bolts of what goes on between our internal selves (physiology, emotion & behaviour) and our external world by way of our senses – a never ending communication interchange with the language of success, excellence and happiness at it’s core.  Put in simple terms it is the study of how use our senses, how we think and process information inside our brains, how we assign meaning to our experiences and forge memories, how we feel and behave. It is the underlying principles, attitudes, knowledge, skills and techniques which provides us with the essential building blocks required in order to bring about what we most want for ourselves in every aspect of our lives.

Neuro: refers to the neurological & physiological processes involved, our sensory input and output, memory building – the biology of our brain. The ‘how’ of walking, talking, breathing, eating, feeling etc.
Linguistic: refers to how language (verbal and non-verbal) underpins and influences the coding and meaning assigned to our neural representations from sensory input, how language patterns directly impact our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions – consciously and unconsciously.
Programming: refers to the coding and organisation of the overall experience between mind, body and external world via our senses and the use of linguistics enabling us to bring about specific desired outcomes based on modelling.


NLP 4 Kids

NLP4Kids* was co-founded by Gemma Bailey who put together a simplified version of NLP specifically for young people.  Drawing on these NLP skills specially adapted to be more fun and comprehensible for them, I help children and young adults to better understand and manage their changeable emotional states.  Through effective and mutual co-operation these young people will become motivated and inspired to bring about change for themselves and also to the benefit of those around them – tapping into their natural curiosity and desire to learn which means that results are both fast and effective.

Of course, parental contribution to this process is invaluable. At the initial consultation it will be the parent(s) or carer who will provide an understanding of the situation, after which I usually work alone, one to one with the child/young adult as by then I have established a good rapport with him/her.  Working with them in a safe and non-threatening environment, enables the individual to express themselves openly about their thoughts and feelings, to talk about their view of their world in their own way.



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