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banner-kidsBeing a child is not an easy job.  Parents tell you that ‘this is the best time of your life’ and that ‘when you leave school, you will wish that you were back there’, ‘you have no responsibilities’ and so on! Yet all the time there is someone or other telling you what to do or how to behave.

School is a great place to socialise and learn lots of stuff and home life can be fun as you get to go on holiday, do out of school activities, benefit from all the latest technology and generally enjoy family life to the max…..all at no cost to you!

Sometimes life can get in the way and present you with challenges that are difficult to manage.  Sadly some children are victims of bullying and despite many positive changes in education, in some cases it still goes on unnoticed by parents and teachers.  Teasing and name calling is bullying just the same and can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation and once confidence and self esteem are knocked this provides the perfect opportunity for negative self talk and irrational beliefs to take hold.

The consequences of this can be: feeling that you have nothing to say that others want to hear, feeling unable to make new friends because you don’t believe that anyone would want to befriend you,  the start of not liking yourself or the way you look, not being able to manage your emotions so that what people observe is more anger and frustration and less of your great and happy personality, feeling that there is no point in trying to achieve anything as you are developing an expectation of failure……sound familiar???

With a lack of confidence and low self esteem you can become anxious and may even be fearful of most situations and what’s worse is that no one seems to understand or wants to listen to you.  Well guess what it all changes from here – consider the line well and truly drawn!

This does not have to be you nor the negative path you need to travel – as a Practitioner with NLP4Kids, I can help you change the way your perceive things and how you think about them, turn negative emotion into more positive and helpful feelings and lastly change your behaviour so that you can return to being happy and successful in all aspects of your life.  I can help you get to grips with understanding language and how to better use it and you can learn great NLP tools and techniques which you can tap into at any time and what makes this even more brilliant is that you can use them as a teenager and even as an adult….how cool is that?