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The first thing that I learned as a brand new parent (many moons ago) is that babies don’t come gift wrapped nor do they include a ‘Child Manual’ – the obvious reason being that each and every ‘darling’ is completely unique!

Parenting is a full time job which offers no training, no salary and has very unsocial hours.  There may be very little by the way of support, positive feedback or gratitude.  However, there are endless opportunities to learn and develop (mostly out of frustration, trial and error) and scope to assume many different roles (e.g. mum & dad’s taxi service).  Wow……with a job description like that it’s quite hard to understand why anyone would intentionally apply for this job!

embed-parentsYes, all the above may be true but despite being a constant challenge it truly does reap its own rewards, no matter how few and far between they are.  The fact is that the rare ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’ or hug is worth its weight in gold – seeing your child or teenager happy and healthy and achieving will fill you with an overwhelming sense of pride and personal achievement – sharing in their successes, sorrows, challenges, disappointments is the upside, the added value of the role.

Sometimes, situations arise which well and truly upset the balance of things. Relationships break down, families break up, there may be sibling rivalry or confidence and low self esteem issues, anger and behavioural challenges, phobias and anxiety problems – all which can create barriers to effective communication at the very least, making it very difficult for parent to manage, let alone the young person.  Problems which can extend into the school, college and even into the workplace, creating additional stress and difficulties for all those involved.

Take a breath!  Help is here.  I will work with you using NLP tools and technique which will enable you to better communicate with your young person and in a different and more effective way.  We all know what the definition for insanity is….don’t we?  You will be able to use what you learn to influence and incentivise them to get homework done, help more around the house, to stop arguing with their brother or sister.  In addition you will be better able to help them cope with other challenges and difficulties they may have and return peace and harmony to the family household.  Phew!  Wouldn’t that be great?

You owe it to THEM and YOU to help them be happy and successful and to reach their full potential in life.

quote-open I really enjoyed being coached by Heather. She has a very calm and reflective style which instilled confidence in my abilities and allowed a lot of time for me to think through the issues and come to my own solutions….she believed in me and encouraged me all the way. I felt empowered by Heather to feel more in control of my thoughts and to trust that I could make long lasting changes in my life. Heather was born to help people and her abilities are natural and effortless. I truly recommend her.


EA, English Teacher 

quote-open I found the fact that you worked closely and confidentially with our 17 year old but spoke to us all as a family very usefulquote-close.


quote-open Heather you showed me that change is to be embraced and not feared…you helped me realise that I am my own journey, my own success story. I have a new found confidence and possibly a new relationship!! Thank you for being the most wonderful guide and inspirationquote-close.


quote-open Our daughter is now going to school, eating well and regularly socialising with her friendsquote-close.