“You’ll find me calm, understanding, empathetic, non-judgemental and I have a great sense of humour.  My creative mind
and I will help you to think outside the box and I will consistently challenge any negative beliefs you have about yourself
and your capabilities. I love working with people and know that my genuine passion, enthusiasm and self belief is
infectious, contributing to successful relationships with my clients

My aim is that your achievements and self-discovery will be your own, that you will become driven by your own
enthusiasm, self belief and motivation.”


Heather King is the Director of nspired life with one simple goal – to help YOU get the nspired life you deserve so that you can… just live it!

From a very young age Heather became interested in the mismatch between mind and behaviour, learning through observation how complex we as individuals are and the different dynamics that exist within family relationships. Heather has always been the ‘go to’ person – the perfect listener and a natural questioner, driven to find creative solutions for others.  Heather’s life was full of ups and downs but she considers herself ‘blessed’ to have had more than her fair share of some of life’s hardest challenges, choosing to believe that even the worst experience can become a positive experience “if we choose to grasp the opportunity to learn the life lesson that we have been presented with”.

There is some evidence to support the notion that ADHD runs in families and this is certainly the case for Heather herself and for several of her family members.   The symptoms of this disorder do not discriminate, every aspect of life can be affected to some degree and while there is a lot more support these days, the challenges for children in education still remain the same.  Heather, now an ‘expert’ in this area helps parents and sufferers alike to tap into their own tenacity, resourcefulness and creativity in order to overcome challenges arising from this complex disorder!

Heather created an opportunity for herself to become a researcher on a project investigating families affected by a serious mental illness – this led to a ‘eureka’ moment for her.  Meeting and working with such courageous families instilled in her such a degree of humility that she became aware of having a true passion and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives – drawing on and enhancing further her natural ability for connection and empathy to inspire and motivate others.

Having achieved a degree of BSc (Hons) in Psychology Heather has enjoyed an interesting and varied professional career, the last 13 years or so working in sales and marketing on the periphery of the Pharmaceutical industry – an invaluable opportunity to better hone her rapport building and communication skills while enjoying the rewards of considerable success and personal achievement.  In 2008 the right opportunity came along which enabled Heather to change direction and follow her heart’s path. In 2009 came a Certificate as NLP Master Practitioner and by the end of 2012 Heather had added Practitioner, Time Line Therapy; Clinical Hypnotherapist; and Licensed Practitioner with NLP4Kids. Heather’s inner child was never more excited or empowered!

Qualifications & Professional Affiliations

BSc (Hons) Psychology
NLP, Master Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP4Kids, Licensed Practitioner
Time Line Therapy, Practitioner
Empowering Learning, Coach
The Association for Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingANLP
The General Hypnotherapy Register –GHR
Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council – CNHC
International Association for Health & Learning – IAHL
Society of NLP – SNLP
National Council for Hypnotherapy – NCH