It’s a...Kids life

Want to be happy and symptom free
from Stress, Anxiety, Depression
and Panic Attacks? I CAN HELP!

It’s a...Teens life

Want school and home life to be free
from the disruptive behaviours of

It’s a...Parents life

Want to build a new life for you and
your children following a painful
Divorce or Separation? I CAN HELP!

It’s a…Kids Life

Problems such as bullying, school phobia, anger, even changing schools can cause anxiety and stress. This in turn can lead to low self esteem and a lack of confidence.

It’s a…Teens Life

Issues like exams, body image & identity, family conflict, peer pressure can lead to depression and panic attacks and can prevent happiness and success.

It’s a…Parents Life

Family break ups and conflict within the home can be challenging – and a breakdown in communication becomes a barrier to healing and recovery.

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Heather King is the Director of nspired life (NLP & hynotherapy), offering child and family therapy, coaching and mentoring.  A child’s emotional or behavioural wellbeing can be affected by phobias, ADHD, anxiety and depression for example, whereas for teens exam stress, body image and identity concerns may possibly lead to more seriously damaging behaviours like self harming and eating disorders.  These in turn can have a direct effect on social relationships, affect self esteem and deeply dent confidence and the ripple effect can extend to home, school, college and even the workplace. Our aim is to restore happiness, harmony and balance to every aspect of family life by utilising various NLP tools and techniques combined with a Positive Parenting approach, we can help get rid of unwanted beliefs and establish new positive behaviours – helping you achieve your aims and to become a much happier family.

Licenced Practitioner with NLP4Kids

logo-nlp4kidsFor some young people, the original language and concepts of NLP can be too technical and complex. The NLP4Kids version delivers the amazing NLP tools and techniques in a simple and easy to access way, using language and comprehension that is age appropriate. Even the workshop exercises have been individually adapted adding to the fun element and ensuring that young people have a good grasp of their new found skills to use not only now but also as they move forward in life. Find out more HERE »


Topic of the Month:  ADHD

Challenging behaviours in children and teenagers can sorely test even the most tolerant parent  –  bring into the equation a diagnosis of ADHD and the level of exasperation and overwhelm can go through the roof. 

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